Welcome to Santa Barbara Computing Services.  As the owner, Dan Ringwald, I have been serving the local Santa Barbara computing needs since 1983.  I am happy to say we are still here and look forward to helping build your business and taking care of your computing needs.

I created and managed the Computer Services department at the University of California Santa Barbara in Kerr Hall for a period of 25 years.

I covered all aspects of computing, networking, database programming, web design, hardware repair, email server support, and much more.  A few of my major accomplishments was the networking of all lectures halls at UCSB into my network in Kerr Hall to better serve the needs of all professors on campus.  My staff and I also created and brought about the original main campus web site www.UCSB.edu and managed it for a period of about four years at a time when people were just beginning to say, “what is web browsing?”

I retired from UCSB a few years ago at the age of 54.  I have gained some very good experience to serve your business computing needs, in your office or your home office.  Office automation, networking, web design, and security are the main areas of support.  I can make your office run smoothly and present your business via the internet with a web site that conveys the message of who you are and what you have to offer that sets you ahead of the rest.

Now that I am retired from UCSB I can devote my career efforts in the two areas I love most, serving your computing needs and helping those that are interested getting a handle on their financial life through Real Estate Investing and other business opportunities.  I can help you create multiple streams of passive income in order to gain your personal and financial freedom.  Be sure to ask about that and check out some of our web businesses on our Services page and our Contact page.

People are saying “Thanks for making us look great on the internet and for getting our search ratings up so people can find us first.”

Please use our contact information and call us now for some free consultation.

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