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In today’s marketplace all companies benefit from having a website and Social Media Marketing like our Marketing Supercharger Social Zing as seen in the video to the right side of our pages.  No matter what business you have you will be surprised and happy to see how inexpensive it is to have the products and services we offer.  Look over our services below and then Contact Us so we can get started helping you grow your business.

See some of our Web Site Examples 

Take a look at a few of the web sites we have developed to get an idea of what the possibilities are for you.  We can show you companies that provide hundreds web site templates you can choose from.  Once you choose  a web site you like we work with you on customizing the content so it gives your message and sells your products on a national or global level.

If it’s web design and Social Media Marketing or other computer related questions you can call Dan Ringwald at 805-967-6595 and might get some answered for free!  Do look over our RATES page as well.

When it comes to local computer support Santa Barbara has seen stores like Circuit City, CompuUSA, and PC Club, go out of business.  We are still here to support your computing needs and have been since 1983.  The are many places in the world and the internet to get computing support and as you may have noticed they put you on hold, they give you someone that asks questions and due to lack of experience they read you answers from a book, and leave you more confused and frustrated than before.  They may not even speak a language you understand.

Thanks to Santa Barbara Computing Services those days are over.  We talk a simple language when it comes to computing, one that you can understand.  We can also connect to your computer remotely so you can see what we are talking about when we are doing what you need.

We can come to your location if you are in the local area or we can visit you in a virtual world via your computer as though we were right there.  When it comes to solving your issues, training one on one, coaching, or just doing it for you, that’s what we are here for.  Making it easy to see and understand.

If you don’t want to know anything and just want it done or fixed we can deliver.  We specialize in web design and the search engine optimization  it takes to drive business to your web site, web site hosting, network and server design and administration, email and database support, digital video streaming and production, data backup, security, hardware repair, software upgrades, and support which includes operational instructions, training and coaching.

You ask we deliver!  It’s that simple.  Check out our rates to get an idea of how we track our billing and you will see it is a very simple process.  Spend a little time with our free consultations to see that we can meet your requests in a way that works for you.

We look forward to serving your computing needs and making your business shine

We specialize in the following services:

Web design and Social Media Marketing
Search engine optimization to increase your business
domain name and hosting setup
Computer repairs
Networking, repairs, design, upgrade, and installations
Router, DSL, and hub administration
Security, anti-virus, anti-spyware
Software upgrades
Server design and administration
Email and database support
Data backup
Remote access, repairs, support, and training
Integrating your home computer with your home theater
Digital video streaming and production
Local Business and Home Office onsite support
National remote access support 

Computer Software and Hardware you might need or enjoy having!

Kingsoft Office – Microsoft Office compatible – FREE!
Windows 8 – Preview Free!
Windows 7 – Compare and purchase from Microsoft
Windows 7 – $59 from Complete Software Center
Ubuntu – Free OS for PC’s instead of Windows or Mac
Price Watch –  Computer Hardware and Software
Backup Buddy – For all those WordPress sites

Servicing Computers and Cell phones

Team Viewer – Remote Access for your
Microsoft – Free Anti-Virus
 – Free Anti-Virus
 – Test your network speed
Verizon – Test your network speed
CPU Speed Pro – Test computer speed – IP address and Speed Test – IP address information
Belarc – Free Computer hardware scanner
D-A-L – Free Computer Help – Scan your hardware
Tech Tools – From T1 Shopper
iCracked – Repair your cracked iPhone screen
Duo Two-Factor Authentication
Better WP Security – Protecting your WordPress sites

Computer Classes and A+ Certification

Sylvan Prometric – Testing Centers for Certifications
Test Out – Self-Study Certification Software
Hand Me Down PC – The Original Online Version


When it comes to Backups Go direct or get a discount through us at

Santa Barbara Computing Services

We all get car insurance without thinking – and yet if we crash our car – it can be fixed or replaced. What would happen if you lost all your emails? All your financial records? What would happen if you lost your MYOB or Quicken or QuickBooks database? Over 60% of companies who experience such loss are out of business within 6 months. Why? Because most people don’t backup properly – either because it takes too much time and effort, or the systems required cost too much. For those businesses that do backup – the backup is usually inadequate – rarely done daily, and rarely taken off site.

SOS Online Backup has been PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice backup solution for the last three years and is PC Pro Magazine online backup Labs Winner, PC User Top Buy, the Wall Street Journal’s preferred online backup solution, and Roam Magazine’s favorite pick. SOS Online Backup is the most awarded, and best performing backup system.

We are just a call 805-967-6595 or email away and can remotely login to your computer whenever you need the help.

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