Service Rates you can Afford !

Pay Here – Payment for Services are managed through our site at NH Big Inc.

  • $50 Per Hour – Remote Access Support
  • $75 Per Hour – On Site Service
  • $95 Per Hour – Need it Today – Emergency Rush

As you look to the internet for computer repair rates you might notice it’s very hard to find the rates on the websites of those providing computer services.  Surprise!  Here is your bill.  That probably will be the time when you find out the true cost of their services.  A little late and a little unhappy.  No surprises here at Santa Barbara Computing Services.  As seen below it’s very clear!

A recent survey of 20 local computer support companies in Santa Barbara CA shows the average cost of on site service is $125 per hour.

How is the time tracked if it’s a lot of work ?
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